Friday, August 21, 2009

update on the "twins"

This has been an interesting few weeks.. I have continuously been in good spirits but at the same time have been in a great deal of pain. I got my stitches out yesterday and it was not a pleasant experience. I have gotten a bit emotional over things the past few days and yesterday was hardest yet. For any one who has had beast augmentation and a lift, you know the scars that remain. For those who havent, they are pretty intense on the eye. picture an anchor. Its not as terrible once it heals and even more so, when the bandages are on it. Seeing everything yesterday without my sports bra, without the bandages, with nothing but the reality of it was a hard moment. I stood in amazement for a few moments and cried. It took me a lot to show my boyfriend what this stage looks like. I cannot wait to heal entirely and not have to see the ugly side of this. I admit, I even questioned why I did this to myself. I kept saying that I butchered myself knowing that I didnt, but at that moment it was how I felt.

My body still needs the work I was putting in before I did this but I cannot do anything for 2 months. After getting into the rhythm of the gym and eating well, I admit that these two weeks have been so hard and the next 2 months will be harder. I have to walk. And walk. And walk some more. It is the only thing thats allowed and even that isnt enough to make me feel like I will make any progress. I am trying to stay stress free though because I know that stress affects how we heal but its definitely a challenge.

Dinner tonight? Whole grain spaghetti with chicken and spinach sausage. Filling and easy.. also good for tomorrows leftovers.

One more note, I would like to say that through this whole experience I have been unable to do much of anything around the house.. and I am learning more and more that I am unbelievably blessed with the amazing parents I have.

Thats all =)


  1. Awe, I wish I was closer!!! Hang in there, things will get better - little by little every day.
    It's so good that you're walking! Keep your portions in check and you can easily continue to lose weight while you're banished from the gym.
    Hope to see you soon! I'll be at my parent's tomorrow if you're around...

  2. hang in there do what you can exercise wise but get your rest so you can heal...