Monday, July 20, 2009

its been a dog of a week..

I have such a level of respect for those of you who lead hectic lives and still manage to blog daily. I, a.) wouldn't be able to think of enough to say and b.) cant seem to find the time to write that often so I've decided to do weekly.
This past week has been a giant blur to me, I was in The Great Hot Dog Cook Off at the Kelso Brewery on Saturday. This was a fundraiser held once a year and this time around it benefited City Harvest. I love love love this organization because it focuses on feeding us here, not in other countries. No offense to anyone but I see it the same way as when the flight attendants tell you if the oxygen masks come down, use it first then help your child.. If we are hungry and dying off we Cant help anyone anyways! Im glad there are still orgs that take care of us at home! More info can be found at . I had the most amazing time at this event. It was hot and crowded and I got extremely sunburned but the music was pumping, the beer was flowing, I had my friends and family there to support me.. it was increadible.. Team Gobble all the way! I cannot wait to do it again next year and hopefully take home the gold; the gold wiener trophy that is! I had been preparing for this cookoff for weeks and the night before I was up until about 6am, woke up at 730 and started my finishing touches.. I dont think I have caught up on sleep yet!

A few articles where written up about the event, one article even has me in it!

I have come to terms with the fact that while I can cut out meat, fish seems to be much harder for me to eliminate. I am ok while home but as soon as we are out, I get salmon the brain. I refuse to beat myself up over it so I allowed myself salmon for dinner tonight. I have been good the rest of the week, even making better choices with sushi. I skipped my usual spicy tuna roll, cali roll, and shrimp tempura roll and opted for a cucumber roll, avocado roll, edamame, and broccoli with garlic sauce. Who knew I could give up spicy tuna?! So just like everything else in life, food isn't black and white.. there is a whole lot of grey in what you can and cant and should and shouldn't do or eat. However, I think I like all that grey!

I do have to say that I am in love with Morning Star Products. They are currently on sale 2 for $8 at Shoprite and you can bet your bottom Ill be there tomorrow after work to pick me up a few. I particularly love the Ginger Teriyaki patties. I think everyone should try them.!

Onto newer things.. I have always had a few hangups about my body, as Im sure we all have and today I took one of the first steps in fixing the biggest one for me. I think I found my plastic surgeon for my breast augmentation/mastopexy. Basically I need a lift, reduction, and an implant to get the look I want, go figure. I am completely willing to work out and get what I want from my body but my chest is too far gone! I am thrilled at the idea of doing this altho I am lacking a bit of support from a few important people in my life but as with everything else, it too shall pass.

Going to enjoy my home made pumpkin spice iced coffee..

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  1. That's awesome that you were in the article about the cook-off!
    I say go with what works for you. Fish is healthy stuff - so if you're going veggie because you want to eat healthier, then why not eat fish?
    I'm not going to weigh in on the surgery. It's your body - I know you will do the proper research to make sure you know the pros and cons of doing it.

  2. I absolutely have Jenn.. Promise =) & I think that I am still gonna try to do mostly veggie but on Occasion fish will be tolerated lol.. =)

  3. Morning star is amazing! I have yet to try the Ginger Teriyaki patties. Next grocery trip I will try them out :)

  4. Ruth, I hope you do.. they are great.. I also LOVE their tomato Basil "burgers".. on a whole grain english muffin with some mozz and tomatoe sauce.. yum =)