Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Past Present & Future..

I once again have found myself stuck. I do this often enough and altho I am only 23 it has been a huge part of my life. I am (again) in need of some weight-loss! So here I am taking after my "pseudo sister in law" (Jenn @ and blogging about my journey.

I have struggled with my weight since I was a kid, have tried every diet out there both healthy and unhealthy, and finally in 2005 got up the guts and got a gastric bypass. I weighed 270lbs at my highest and 260 the night before going in for the procedure. With some struggles afterwards I got down to 148 lbs, my greatest moment body wise. I was thrilled! Being under the 150 mark was unheard of for me and there I was.

As the saying has it, easy come easy go! As quickly as it all came off was as easy as it got to gain it back. I met the love of my life and became so comfortable that eventually, I let myself go. I sit here today not quite as big as I was but not at all where I want to be. I decided to start some vigorous training again as well as a change in my lifestyle. I thought that maybe writing about it would keep my going considering who wants the world to see them fail? So this is my attempt..

I have decided to become a vegetarian. I will cut out all meat, red meat, chicken, turkey, fish etc. and depend mostly on beans veggies and soy to get the necessary proteins and vitamins. I am on day 2 of this so far and am not finding it too hard.

As my own little experiment, I have a Doctors appointment next week to get some blood work done, I want to get all of my results and compare them to blood work a month, 3 months, and 6 months from now. I am curious to see how much, if at all, my body will change inside. I have very low vitamin counts and am highly anemic so this change has to be done carefully but I think I am up for the challenge.

I have been slacking on the gym thing and will start going back next week. If I can do some sort of physical activity each day I will be happy and I know that the weight will come off. I don't believe in scales any more so most of my measurements will be done by clothes and sight. I just am not strong enough to stand on a scale; maybe one day I will be but now is not that time.

So here goes as I start to fight this battle once again.. wish me luck!


  1. You can do anything you put your mind to, girl. While I do love my meat (heh heh), I see the health benefits of being vegetarian.
    I'm far from an expert on this stuff, but if I could, here's my advice:
    Don't be hard on yourself. If you see this as a lifestyle change and not a diet that you go "on" and "off", then you've got the right idea.
    Write down WHY you want to lose weight. Post those "whys" everywhere you can see them so when you're saying, "this sucks, I don't want to do this anymore", you can read WHY and remember what's important to you.
    I think blogging has been the missing factor for me in this weight thing. Being able to write down all my thoughts and have an audience that knows EXACTLY what I'm going through has been a blessing. I hope it does the same for you!!!

  2. Hey Bella! Heard about ya from Jenn and just wanted to say you have my support and I'm here if you need me! This whole health thing is a life-long journey but it's the most rewarding journey there is! Cheers to your health!

  3. I was a vegetarian for several years, and still go meatless several times a week. That being said, you can still be a chubby vegetarian. I was ;) I commend your efforts, and wish you ALL the best!!
    Also, I found your blog through Jenn's. It's so nice to "meet" you :D

  4. Hi Bella, (love your name)

    I found you through Jenn, I follow her blog. This is a nice group of bloggers we all belong to. I think you will find some nice support. I have about 110 lbs I want to lose. I also in the future would like to go vegetarian. I wish you all the best on your journey.

    Mary Beth

  5. Bella! I decided to take a look at your blog per Jenn...and it looks like you've got a really good plan! I'm like you, I could totally go without the meat and I'm curious to follow you along your journey...I wish you the best and will be following you along the way! :)

  6. Jenn said come, so I came... wait a minute that doesn't sound right. where the hell was I?? oh yeah, love your blog. best of luck on your veggie ways.

  7. good luck on the vegan thing. I could never do that! came over here cause jenn sent me here. Looking forward to following you as you journey back to thinness.

  8. Thank you everyone for the support and thank you Jenn for sending everyone over haha. Just to clarify, I'm not even attempting vegan.. I have a love affair with cheese, just cutting out meat. I look forward to reading all of your thought through comments and blogs. Thanks again. Bella. <33

  9. You are a brave girl. If you can survive weight loss surgery, you can do this. Change can be hard, but rewarding.

    May I make a suggestion? I know you do not want to know your weight (which, we have all been there) however, once you start losing you are going to say "man, I wonder how much I have lost" Maybe you could stand on the scale backward and have your sister in law write it down for you for later. Others who are losing weight can be trusted not to share this info.

    I really wish I had done body fat percentage at the beginning. That is a great measure as well.

    No matter what you do, we will be here. You can do this. You will reach your goals.

  10. Found your blog via Jenn!

    I think doing measurements now versus weight scale is great! You can gain a few pounds of muscle thru working out and get discouraged, but measurments to me are always accurate.

    Good luck towards your journey to health & fitness!

  11. Hi Bellabee

    Some how I managed to stumble across your blog! I have just started my own weight loss blog (I'm on day seven!), and am going to 'follow' you (if you don't mind!). Your blog caught my eye for 2 reasons:
    1) you have just started - other blogs I read have been blogging for 2 years or more about their weight loss and have a million 'followers'; and
    2) you are attempting vegetarianism. I am vegan so I may be able to help you out a little in this area - although I'm in Australia, and we don't have NEARLY as many vegetarian/vegan options as you guys!
    Also I am a qualified personal trainer (although I don't look like it!) so could help you there.
    I find it really supportive just to know that people are reading my blog and 'checking' up on me and it inspires me to eat well and exercise.
    Come check out my blog (it's a bit boring, and not as visually exciting as yours - how do you get all that extra stuff on here??? I told you I am new to this!!)

    Melbourne, Australia

  12. Good luck on your renewed journey! I have gone vegetarian for a while but am not currently. I still have veggie/vegan tendencies though, lol! ♥